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Vehicle Pre inspections and Safety Certificates

Vehicle inspection is a procedure in which licensed mechanics inspect vehicles to ensure they function effectively and adhere to governing safety regulations. During a vehicle inspection, an expert mechanic inspects your car to determine if there are mechanical faults that require repair or replacement. Experts inspect to assess the condition of your vehicle to ensure user safety. 

Vehicle inspection extends the longevity of your car, reduces the risks of malfunctions and accidents.

What is a safety certificate?

A safety certificate is a legal document that confirms that your vehicle has satisfied and met the minimum safety standards specified by the Ministry of Transportation. Although the safety certificate does not guarantee the condition of the car, it confirms that the vehicle is roadworthy as of when it was issued. Before a safety certificate is issued, a mechanic must inspect your vehicle at a licensed inspection station to determine if it is safe. If you want to get a vehicle licensed plate, you need a safety certificate as it is one of the essential requirements. The safety certificate is valid for thirty-six days after the inspection.

Do I need a safety certificate?

Yes, you need a safety certificate. You will need a safety certificate because of the following:

Without a safety certificate, you cannot get a license plate for your vehicle, as it is an essential requirement.

You must obtain a safety certificate before registering your vehicle to verify if it is safe to drive

If you bought a used car and want to register it in your name, you will need a safety certificate

A safety certificate is needed if the user previously drove the vehicle in a different province and you want to drive it in another region

You will need a safety certificate if your vehicle has previously failed its safety inspection or if the previous certificate issued has expired

When Do I Need a Vehicle Safety
Inspection in Ontario?

When Do I Need a Vehicle Safety Inspection in Ontario?


Registration of a rebuilt vehicle- Even if mechanics and technicians have performed extensive repairs, a rebuilt car must undergo a vehicle inspection before it can be registered. The repairs can result from severe collision damage, fire, or flood.


You will need a car safety inspection when you want to transfer a used vehicle to a new owner. However, this is exceptional when the previous owner transfers the vehicle to their spouse.


Registration of a vehicle in Ontario bought or transferred from a different province, territory, or country.


You need a car safety inspection to update your vehicle's status if a licensed motor-vehicle inspection mechanic has performed a previous assessment and your car was deemed unfit.