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Brake Pads

The brake pads are the most critical element that contributes to the car slowing down. The brake pads work together with the brake rotors to cause the vehicle to stop when it is functioning normally.  It needs to be replaced when the thickness reduces, and it doesn’t perform effectively as before. We will replace the brake pad to give you the confidence you need to drive.

Brake Inspection

When you bring your car to Jambo Auto Repair shop, the first thing we do is, check the brake components and diagnose any possible problem. If there are issues that need urgent attention, our experienced technicians will provide the appropriate recommendation and what needs to be done. Once we understand the problem, you can be sure you will get premium services that will get the brake fixed quickly.

Brake Rotor Replacement

Continuous use of brake rotors always leads to wear and tear, which would eventually cause your vehicle to vibrate excessively. When you use a rotor for a while, it is advised you check to either replace it with a credible auto repair shop. At Jambo auto repair, we can help you get your rotor fixed anytime. Stop by today.

Brakes Calliper Replacement

The brake caliper is the primary component that holds the brake pads in position. If the calipers are not maintained, they can result in multiple problems which could have been avoided. You should get a frequent safety inspection with us to analyze the brake caliper and replace it if it is faulty. When you come in for a brake replacement, we will check and fix every possible fault.

Brake Repair and Replacement

At Jambo auto repair shop, we understand the working mechanism of the brake System which includes (brake discs, brake fluid, sensors, and brake booster. We have worked on several brakes in the past and can confidently get any brake system functioning as soon as possible. You can be sure our team will give you the best when you partner with us.

Shocks, Struts & Spring Services

The shock and struts of your vehicle are responsible for keeping your vehicle stable throughout a trip. If you notice frequent unnecessary bounces when the car encounters a pothole, the struts and shocks have been affected and need to be replaced. Without good shocks and structs, the work of the spring in the vehicle will be more pronounced, and the vehicle will be hard to handle. 
At Jambo auto repair, we advise that if you notice the following signs, you should take your car to a repair shop.

A defective shocks system can lead to:

Therefore, the best time to replace shocks and struts depends on the kilometres travelled by the vehicle. However, the standard distance for a checkup is between 80,000 and 90,000 km. When you come into shop, we will make the necessary inspection and advise you on the best steps to take.

Note that your vehicle needs to be inspected by professionals if you want the best. Also, when the car is perfectly fixed, it is expected that you enjoy a smooth ride resulting from improved stability, better control and shorter braking distance.