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Engine and
transmissions Work

At Jambo Auto Repair, we are
known for our Quality work
for engines and transmission.


Jambo Auto repair has the modern equipment and specialized tools needed to rebuild any engine. With our well-skilled staff, we will work on the inspection of any parts to perfection, including visual inspection, and precise machining. Our engine rebuilding team is the best in the industry as we only use top experts and we provide top-notch workmanship and warranty on our work.


All the transmission repair work done at Jambo Auto repair shop is precise. We work through the faulty components, make the necessary repairs, and replace the ones beyond repair. It doesn’t matter the level of damage; we can handle the repair as we have a Decade of work experience working on different models and makes in the past successfully.


The transfer case is a small component that is important for vehicles to utilize both the front and rear axles while driving. This component is responsible for engine power torque splitting into the vehicle’s four wheels. The transfer case is located at the center of the drive train system. If the transfer case is in good condition, it will withstand difficult terrains, especially if it is at lower gears. When professionals adequately service the transfer cases, they will last longer and will not need to be replaced often.


The differential is a critical piece of equipment in the vehicle that gives you a smooth ride as opposed to an off-the-road or bumpy one. The work of the differential keeps the car under control on the road during a turn. When you notice that turning corners is hard or takes your car off the road, visiting a good auto repair shop is the best step. At Jambo auto repair shop, Seal leaks, fluid flush, Cleaning, and gear work are Performed in timely services and can avoid high future repair costs. We provide you with the best differential repair services at a competitive price. We also have up-to-date equipment to analyze your vehicle and get it fixed quicker than you expect.

If you are looking for ways to maintain your vehicle’s differential, the primary thing to note is that this component needs constant lubrication. The differential handles lots of pressure from the vehicle and tends to wear out or rust easily. So, lubricating it frequently is the best way to protect it and make it last.

At Jambo Auto repair shop, we will take a look at the differential fluid first when examining the vehicle to see if the level is low. If the differential fluid level is low, the resultant effect will be quicker damage and more cost in the long run. That is why we would put only fresh differential fluid and maintain a standard level to keep it running well for a long time. When you regularly check your vehicles with us, we will consider all these and keep your car in good condition. Contact Jambo Auto Repair today for safe vehicle repair and maintenance.

Note that your vehicle needs to be inspected by professionals if you want the best. Also, when the car is perfectly fixed, it is expected that you enjoy a smooth ride resulting from improved stability, better control and shorter braking distance.