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Windshield Replacement, Crack
and Chip Repair

Regardless of how damaged your windshield is, it has a negative appearance on your vehicle. Whether the crack is a big or small one. We understand that the effect of leaving the cracks on your windshield isn’t only about aesthetical looks. An unrepaired windshield is considered dangerous to you and other passengers in your vehicle. 

It has been discovered that once there is a crack on the windshield of a vehicle, it doesn’t stay the same; instead, it becomes more extensive due to temperature change, which hits the windshield and makes it more prominent. This is a big problem as your safety in your car is essentially and partly dependent on the health of your windshield. Unknown to many car owners, the windshield is one of the essential parts of the car; the windshield functions by ensuring that the roof does not collapse; it also aids the airbag in how it is deployed by ensuring that they come out in the correct position. In the case of an accident that pushes the victim forward, the windshield serves as the protector, which ensures that the individual is not thrown out of the vehicle. 

At Jambo auto repair center, we boast of having the proper knowledge and skill that is required to repair or give a replacement to a windshield whenever you want. We have the right personnel and tools to ensure that your windshield is fixed or replaced correctly and at your convenience. 
Having assigned you a specialist who will help in fixing your vehicle, the following are some of the things your expert will consider.

How Long Has the Damage Been There?

Knowing how long the damage has been done is essential to understanding how to fix it or whether to replace it entirely. This is because if the crack has been left for a long time, there will be a build-up of sand, dirt, and road salt, making it difficult to repair and necessitate a replacement. However, if it is recent, a repair will be possible.

Where Is It Located?

The location of the crack is equally essential. If the crack or chip is in the driver's line of vision, it might be challenging to repair as a repair can blur the spot and affect the driver. Hence a replacement is required there. Similarly, a crack that is close to the edge of the windshield is likely going to get bigger. Therefore, you must replace it.

Is It a Big Crack Or A Small One?

We will successfully repair more minor cracks of less than 3/8-inch. However, a crack more prominent than that will necessitate a windshield replacement.

Windshield Repair

The following things are considered for a windshield repair.


At the jumbo auto repair center, restoration of the windshield doesn't take a lot of time and will be done within an hour.

Factory-Installed Windshield

When a repair is diagnosed for a vehicle's windshield, we ensure that we do not remove the original factory-installed windshield. This is not replaced until we are directed to do so.


Compared to a replacement, a repair is cost-friendly and cheaper.
At jambo auto repair center, we have experts with the skill and experience required to get your windshield fixed and to ensure that it gives you the protection you need. The following are some of the steps we take.

Windshield Replacement

At jambo auto repair center, you can get your windshield replaced by experts who understand the art of doing this. We follow the following step-to-step procedure, which shows that we have the expertise and skills to replace windshields.

For the driver's safety, we allow the windshield to dry for about an hour. This is enough time to let the adhesive seal incorrectly. While this is happening, we adequately explain the windshield protection plan we offer. This new offer states that you have a 12-month warranty that lets you come in for repair or replacement for free if the new windshield gets cracked.  You should book your appointment with Jumbo auto repair center today; we boast of experienced car doctors with the skill and expertise needed to get your windshield back to safety.