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Why car's Mechanical
work is so important

Vehicle owners should never undermine the mechanical work of their vehicles, as it is an essential aspect of maintenance and safety. Regular auto maintenance lengthens the lifespan of your car, lowers the risk of breakdown and improves its efficiency when in motion. Also, maintaining the mechanical work of your vehicle will help reduce unexpected expenses and lowers the risk of an unfortunate event.

Types of Mechanical
work we do

Engine work

Engine work entails disassembling and replacing components such as valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, and camshafts. We have experts who are skilled in engine work. These are signs that your car needs engine work: knocking sound, loss of power, and excessive smoke, among other visible signs.

Engine rebuild

Our professionals offer engine rebuild services to help improve the efficiency of your car. Engine rebuild involves disassembling all parts of the engine. The disassembled parts are inspected and cleaned, and trained professionals replace all damaged components. The common signs that you need an engine rebuild are excessive smoke in the exhaust and increased oil consumption.

Cylinder Head Repair

Our experts inspect the welding cracks, machining warps, or repairing failed valve train components before conducting a head repair. Head repairs of a car are often recommended by our professionals when your car experiences overheating. Other symptoms of cylindrical head damage are air in the cooling symptoms, failed water pump, coolant leak, and failed thermostat.

Custom fabrication

Custom fabrication can be done for your vehicle if technicians cannot find the parts elsewhere or a prolonged duration is required to receive a pre-ordered part. Our experts can fabricate custom exhaust piping, fame work, turbo bracket.

Drive train : Transfer case, transmission, Front and rear Diff.

Engine balancing is necessary for your vehicle to run smoothly. The engine balancing of your car is vital to extending its longevity. During the engine balancing procedure, your car's components are weighed by technicians using digital equipmenrs. Engine balancing helps enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Exhaust work

Exhaust work is a core aspect of the mechanical maintenance of your vehicle. The exhaust system’s function is to collect waste from the combustion process and transport it to various parts of the exhaust system via a network of pipes. The common signs of a damaged exhaust system are:


Mufflers are components of a vehicle's exhaust system located at the rear or bottom of your vehicle. Their function is to dampen emissions and reduce engine noise in your car. A broken or damaged muffler poses risks to your health and safety. The signs that you need a muffler replacement are loud noises, strong odour from the vehicle, and a decrease in gas mileage.


The resonator is a complementary component to the muffler; both work together to improve noise reduction. The function of the resonator is to eliminate engine sounds. A damaged resonator will lead to noise from your engine and a reduction in your vehicle's horsepower. The typical symptom of a damaged resonator is a rattling noise from the engine.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is a component situated at the front of an exhaust system. The function of the catalytic converter is to reduce emissions of gaseous pollutants from the vehicle. The catalytic converter reduces emissions by converting gaseous pollutants into less-toxic pollutants. The symptoms to look out for to replace your catalytic converter include poor engine performance, dark exhaust smoke, pungent odor from the exhaust, and reduced acceleration.

Oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor's function is to measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust as it exits the engine. The signs of a faulty oxygen sensor include rapid fuel loss, dark smoke from the exhaust, and power surges from the engine, amongst other noticeable symptoms.

Auto body work

Our technicians offer auto body work services to improve the functionality of your vehicle. Our technicians provide paint-less dent repair, body filler, bumper replacements, car body painting, car collision repair, frame alignment and repair, window repair and replacement, and car detailing. We have the expertise needed to fix the effects of a minor collision, and in cases of fatal collisions, our technicians will provide a detailed repair plan. Our services are most needed after a crash to get your vehicle in shape. The essential function of this service is that it enhances your safety.

Gearbox repair

The gearbox is the hub of increasing or decreasing the speed of your vehicle. The primary signs that your gearbox needs to be repaired or replaced are hesitation and trembling during gear changes. Gearbox damage poses a risk to your safety. Your vehicle’s efficiency and overall functionality will be affected if the gear alignment is poor. Rather than replacing the entire gearbox in your car, you can opt for repairing the faulty gearbox. Repairing your faulty gearbox is a better option because a whole replacement is capital-intensive and time-consuming.