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Electronics Repairs

Regarding faulty automotive electronics, we advise you to consult with experts for such repairs. There are so many things that can result in faulty driving controls. If you are in need of automotive electronics repair you need to give Jambo Auto a try, who are experienced in dealing with different car issues.

Why the Electronics of your car is Important

Your car’s electronics are your vehicle’s brainwork that gives you a good or bad driving experience. Pay attention to every change you notice, as late discovery could cost you more in the long run. If your driving experience worsens, it is best to visit the repairer shop.

Our Automotive Electronics Repair Services

Computer Diagnostics

Our experienced mechanics at Jumbo auto shop are skilled in diagnosing the possible problems your vehicle may have. The first thing we do when you bring your car is to analyze all the electronic parts and get a first-hand understanding of how best to fix it. If you want this type of expert diagnostics, you can visit our shop today.

Check Engine light

When your engine light comes on, the first thought in many people's minds is that the engine is facing a big problem. However, in most cases, it could be a minor issue that can be fixed without breaking the bank. At Jumbo auto, we would diagnose the engine problem and give you the best quote that can get it fixed. If you need to consult or repair your vehicle, now is the time to come into our shop for expert help.

Computer Reflashing / Reprogramming

If you need computer re-flashing done on your vehicle and you want it done by the best technicians in the field, then coming into Jumbo auto shop is the best move. We have modern equipment that can get your computer reprogrammed. It is important that you update your car's software often, as manufacturers often make updates to make driving easier with a better experience. This process doesn't take much time, especially if capable hands do it. At Jumbo auto shop, you will enjoy faster reprogramming at great prices. Contact us today!

Auto Computer Work

Recent cars usually have computers installed that help monitors major parts of the vehicles. With the computer, you can see the various operations in your car and control them in the best way possible. Other major areas like idle speed and spark plugs can be controlled with the computer to enhance performance. With the number of things, the computer controls, it is advisable to update the computer that you might be operating on, if it is outdated. Contact us at Jumbo auto shop today to get the best auto computer work done.

How to know if your car has electrical issues

When an electrical problem arises, it is usually very problematic as it could cause burning or sparks. Therefore, check for any of these signs below and report them to an experienced auto repair shop before it worsens. 

Some of the significant signs include:

Electronic Steering Lock

Common steering lock problems are: Steering lock repair, joint issues, no power to cluster, no ignition, no crank or start situation, and key not detected. Steering service is essential to mechanical work to keep your vehicle running efficiently. The old fluids are flushed out during a steering serving and replaced with new fluids. Harmful sediments that hamper functionality can be present in old fluids, hence the need to change them regularly. The common signs that you need a power steering fluid flush are:

Asides from power steering fluid flush, we also offer steering alignments, inspection, routine maintenance, and front-end alignment services.

If you notice any of these six electrical signs listed above, it is time to take your car for a diagnostic. The problem shouldn't become extreme before visiting the nearest auto repair shop. Jumbo auto repair shop can help you fix any electronic problem. Contact us today!